Upcoming OptiBreech public involvement & engagement meetings

You are invited to help us design and deliver the next stages of OptiBreech research, March 6 and March 14.

You are invited to help us design and deliver the next stages of OptiBreech research. We have scheduled two meetings on the following dates in March:

Monday, 6 March, 2-3.30 pm — via Zoom

Tuesday, 14 March, 6-7.30 pm — via Zoom

Events are open to women and birthing people and maternity care providers throughout the UK.

OptiBreech participants and breech clinic leaders have identified the need to answer the following two questions:

How do the outcomes of head-first birth after an external cephalic version (ECV) compare to vaginal breech birth with OptiBreech care?

  • Will having an attempt at ECV improve outcomes for mothers and/or babies compared to just having a vaginal breech birth?

Is it safe to offer induction of labour for women and birthing people when their babies are breech, if an earlier birth would be safer or the person chooses to be induced after 39 weeks?

  • Current RCOG guidance indicates induction is not commonly recommended in the UK, but some women have told us they would like to have this option. Careful induction of labour is available in other European settings that support vaginal breech birth.

We would particularly like to hear from families who have been affected by breech presentation at the end of pregnancy within the past five years. We will seek your views on how we should design this research and how we should share information with people to ensure they understand the potential risks and benefits of participating.