Information for professionals

OptiBreech Care Trial


Physiological Breech Birth training. This satisfies the 6.5 hours of training requirement to meet the proficiency criteria. Please obtain a password from your local Principal Investigator.

Having trouble accessing your FREE OptiBreech training? Here is some help with accessing the training.

Keeping a record of your experience

Proficiency Record March 2021

Completing the Proficiency Record is NOT a requirement of the OptiBreech Study. But many professionals have asked how they should keep a record of their breech training and experience. We have therefore created this template to enable professionals to track their progress toward meeting the proficiency criteria.

I have sent an email to all Midwives at [our Trust] (both in community and on the unit) to ask who would feel confident after some additional training to care for women having a vaginal breech and would be willing to be part of a rota for breech births – I have had a massive response! Change is definitely happening! 

An OptiBreech Lead Midwife

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