Information for professionals

Interest and Proficiency Survey

PASSWORD REQUIRED – This can be obtained from your local Principal Investigator (PI).

This form outlines what participating in the study would mean for you. It is followed by the Consent Form and Interest and Proficiency Survey for those interested in being a part of the team delivery vaginal breech birth care as part of this study. Please do ask any questions you may have of your local PI or the research team.

Participant Consent Confirmation

PASSWORD REQUIRED – This can be obtained from your local Principal Investigator (PI).

Please use this form to confirm that you have counselled and taken consent for a participant in this study.


Physiological Breech Birth training. This satisfies the 6.5 hours of training requirement to meet the proficiency criteria. Please obtain a password from your local Principal Investigator.

Having trouble accessing your FREE OptiBreech training? Here is some help with accessing the training.

Keeping a record of your experience

Proficiency Record March 2021

Completing the Proficiency Record is NOT a requirement of the OptiBreech Study. But many professionals have asked how they should keep a record of their breech training and experience. We have therefore created this template to enable professionals to track their progress toward meeting the proficiency criteria.

I have sent an email to all Midwives at [our Trust] (both in community and on the unit) to ask who would feel confident after some additional training to care for women having a vaginal breech and would be willing to be part of a rota for breech births – I have had a massive response! Change is definitely happening! 

An OptiBreech Lead Midwife

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