Research Team

The OptiBreech Research Team

Principal Investigators

  • Consultant Midwife Emma Spillane
  • Consultant Obstetrician Sabrina Das
  • Consultant Midwife Gillian Houghton
  • Clinical Lead Midwife Kate Stringer & Consultant Obstetrician Avni Batish
  • Consultant Midwife Louisa Davidson
  • Consultant Obstetrician Pina Amin
  • Consultant Obstetrician George Haroun
  • Consultant Obstetrician Helen Le Grys
  • Consultant Midwife Katie Christie
  • Consultant Obstetrician Marieke Bolten
  • Practice Development Midwife Lenka Magurova
  • Midwife Amy Meadowcroft
  • Midwife Ngozi Njoku

Study Steering Committee:

Lay Research Team Members

  • Phoebe Roberts, Lead lay researcher for our Core Outcome Set research. “I’m Phoebe, from London, where I live with my partner Karl and our child Bobby, who was a breech baby. I work as a curator and producer and I’m keen to participate in research around breech birth so other parents can make informed choices and give birth in a supportive environment.”
  • Sarah Hunter, Lead lay researcher for the feasibility pilot trial. “I’m Sarah and I live in Peterborough with my husband, little girl Elsie and my dog. I’m a self employed Stage Manager but currently working mainly as a stay at home mum. I sadly lost a little baby boy just after he was born so I feel very passionate about helping improve care for Mums and Babies in anyway I can.”
  • Sharna Reid, Lay co-ordinator for the Patient and Public Involvement Group. “My name is Sharna, I live in London with my family and work as an Accounts Payable Officer. My daughter was breeched and didn’t turn around, even with two attempts of ECV. I gave birth to her at 38+5 via physiological breech birth also known as “vaginal breech birth”. The experience I went through and how it made me feel mentally at the time has made me want to be apart of this research. I hope my story helps other women in the same position to be reassured, positive and feel safe as the experience of pregnancy is already daunting. I am motivated to participate in this project not only to help the researchers but to help women in the same position I was in to feel reassured, safe and positive whilst experiencing being pregnant with/or giving birth to a breech baby whether that is naturally or via a c section.”
  • Laura Berkeley, Lay co-ordinator for the Patient and Public Involvement Group. “My name is Laura. I grew up in the heart of Surrey which is where I live now with my family & I’m a Mummy to two girls. They changed my life personally & professionally through their births, totally changing my career & life path. After the birth of my 1st daughter in 2016 I became a childbirth educator & breastfeeding supporter, entered the birth world which is now something I’m extremely passionate about. Since then I have written my own antenatal education programme & breastfeeding courses as well as becoming a doula. After my second daughter was breech I struggled to find skilled professional support but when I did, we went on to have a beautiful breech home birth. I’m passionate about all aspects of pregnancy, birth & beyond but particularly breech birth, the lack of education, knowledge & skilled support. I hope to support families with breech births in my role as a doula & to help the OptiBreech project develop & progress.”
Sarah and Elsie
Sharna and Cianna, with their family and their midwife
Laura with her baby girl

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